Sunday, September 4, 2011

God at the starting blocks

Picture if you will an infant. Picture the infant in its infant chair able to do little else than look out onto the world trying to figure it out. Now see it raise its hands and feet and test them: what does this thing do, what it is it for. As soon as it can, it reaches for the nearest object and looks at it in puzzlement. What is this? What good is it? (With any luck, it's good to chew or rub its gums on, which is an excellent purpose when you can't do much else!)

Picture it now growing and evolving (too quickly for most of us parents) and watch the infant explore the world by increments larger and larger as the days and months pass... Every object in the world within its reach, including the most important one, its self, is put to the test: what is this or that thing for, what is its purpose?

That, in a nutshell, is the origin of God, God at the starting blocks if you will, the foundation upon which many other factors can line up and be built into the all-encompassing, omnipresent concept that humans have relied on for thousands of years to guide their actions. Because sometimes, too many times, the incessantly questioning - and questing- human mind does not find the answer it is seeking but is wired to keep going until it does. God is the default mode that relieves the anxious and weary brain and keeps it from imploding,

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