Thursday, November 22, 2007

The consciousness of rocks

I've been having a hard time coming back here. It all seems so pretentious of me to continue, but I still haven't resolved the vexing God question, and from reading the following article

it appears I am not alone. I mean some people actually dedicate their whole lives to the endeavour of trying to disprove the existence of a higher form of being, in this case, within the entity of lifeless rock matter.

Now, what could be sillier than a scientist even exploring such a possibility - unless said scientist was spending an inordinate amount of time repressing within him/herself the urge to believe - in something, just about anything.

Essentially this is what I experience with surprising frequency. There's a (small and whiny) voice that makes itself heard when things in my life overwhelm me. But I quash the damn nuisance, because it makes no more sense to believe in a higher power than in the tooth fairy.

Oh, how I wish I could simply give in and believe like 90% of humanity. I really do, but it goes completely against everything else I believe in, namely personal responsibility as the only chance there is of making the world a better place to live in.

Which brings me to yet another article in the N.Y.T. about denial. Read it here:

Now I already knew that. But the knowledge doesn't prevent me from wishing I could just reach out for the nearest flimsy explanation to lift my spirits

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